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Pro-Built Automatics :: GM Transmissions :: General Motors :: 4L60E :: LS1/4L60E Pro Street 1998&Up

LS1/4L60E Pro Street 1998&Up
LS1/4L60E Pro Street 1998&Up 
Starting at the "Front Pump", new (late design) seal, Teflon bushing, 13-vane rotor/slide assembly, Trans-Go Hi-Rev steel rings & priming spring, Trans-Go HD pressure regulator spring and bumper spring, Trans-Go .532/.500 boost valve, both halves of pump machined flat with rotor to pump clearance set at .002"-.003", and new stator support. This pump now will keep the pressure & volume up 7,800 rpm.

Reverse Input Drum: A new reverse/input drum, along with the Turbulator low-drag steels, and Borg Warner clutches. The Belville spring is replaced with a waved spring, this eliminates the Belville spring from eating the reverse/input drum.

Input Drum: The stock input drum can start getting into trouble at around 550 - 600 HP. I rework the input drum in the overrun piston area by adding a steel sleeve and special machining of the overrun piston to prevent splitting the drum open from high loads. New latest design 29 element input sprag, Borg Warner clutches for the overrun and late design Borg Warner forward clutch assemblies, 8 Borg Warner Hi-Energy clutches along with Kolene steels used in the 3-4 clutch pack, Trans-Go (Hi-Rev) heavy duty springs replace the OEM 3-4 and forward springs and 3-4 helper springs (the Trans-Go springs prevent the 3-4 clutches from getting into trouble, due to centrifugal clutch apply. Good for up to 7,800 rpm, clearance for the 3-4 clutch pack .020" -.035". New 3-4 and modified forward molded rubber pistons installed. Turbulator overrun steels are added for a slight gain in gas mileage.

Rear Drive Section: Hand picked input sun gear and forward planet, input internal gear, reaction carrier shaft, a new Sealed Power Beast sun shell, the latest design Borg Warner low/reverse roller assembly. Turbulator low-drag steels, Borg Warner clutches, hand picked, or new rear planet, hand picked reaction sun gear, internal reaction gear, internal reaction gear support, a bronze rear case bushing, Teflon extension housing bushing, and a Vamac rear seal.

2-4 Band & 2-4 Servo: Borg Warner Hi-Energy 2-4 band, new Corvette 2nd gear apply servo used in conjunction with the latest design Viton seals. Provides a smoother 1-2 apply at light throttle while still allowing a firm WOT shift.

Valve Body: We use the Trans-Go Performance Shift kit (modified) in conjunction with the large boost valve, Corvette servo, and the 9 clutch 3-4 pack. (This setup has proven to be very reliable with the higher horsepower). Highly modified Second accumulator setup to give the best possible part throttle 1-2 shifts, and progressively firmer shifts with more throttle opening. Sonnax pinless accumulator pistons used in forward and fourth. A Sonnax reverse abuse plug, spring and valve seup is used along with the HD 2-3 shift valve to improve the 2-3 WOT shift when using "D" shifter position. Modified 2-3 shift circuit to improve the life of the 3-4 clutch pack at WOT. A Sealed Power (zero-leak) filter is used. The Sonnax Heavy Duty 2-3 shift valve (modified overrun valve) will allow you use "D" shifter position without robbing any of the 2-3 shift oil on the 2-3 WOT shift. This valve keeps the overrun clutches on in the "1", "2" or "D" shifter position. A Sealed Power filter is used on all applications.

Part Number LS1PS
Price: $2,635.00


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